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Breakfast. Morning food. They call it the most important meal of the day and I would wholeheartedly agree. I’m no expert, but I think the best piece of advice for anyone trying to lose weight is to eat big breakfasts. The second best advice is to make those breakfast high in protein.

This really is the diet equivalent of a 50% sale at your favourite shop. Eat more and lose weight.

The science is that protein fills you up for longer and that eating more rather than less kick starts your metabolism for the day. There were times when I would skip breakfast and my body would learn to deal with it, but it’s not something I would ever do now.

During the week breakfast is rushed, getting the kids to school feeding them with the lowest sugar cereal they will tolerate. While they are munching on that I’ve got a window of 3-4 minutes to prepare my breakfast. I’m a creature of habit and I’m very loyal. I’m very loyal to my friends and my family and I extend the same virtue towards my breakfast.

Every day I eat 3 fried eggs and porridge with blueberries. Its high protein and seems to fill me up as long as I need it too. I understand eggs are packed with essential nutrients; I guess any newly born chick could vouch for that. The porridge contains complex carbs and the blueberries antioxidants to keep my skin fresh or whatever. As they say at L’Oreal – ‘It’s because I’m worth it‘ . It’s a super quick, nutritious and filling meal and I smile with the knowledge that it’s also keeping me trim!


The 4 minute preparation looks like this.

Frying pan – on.

Half a spoon of oil in.

Then eggs in.

Let them do their thing whilst pouring porridge oats into a bowl, straight into the microwave for 2 minutes exactly.

Return to eggs and use a spoon to smooth over any uncooked whites from the surface of the eggs to speed up the cooking.

Pour the tempting looking blueberries into the porridge, stir and leave them for half a minute to soften in the steaming oats.

Plate up the eggs and away you go.

If that takes you more than 4 minutes, then try harder next time!

One word on eggs. Always buy the best ones you can. We always try and eat organic where possible and there hasn’t been a battery hen egg in our house for several years now. The organic yolks are a deep yellow and the flavour is on a different scale. If you can get locally laid eggs from a small landowner than hallelujah! You’re in for a treat!

Weekends are an altogether different affair. Beata takes the opportunity to make delicious pancakes or waffles and sometimes bacon and other items from Full English Breakfast menu. Breakfast often becomes brunch and we take the opportunity to spend more time over the most important meal of the day.


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  1. Indrė parašė:

    Thanks, Thomas, and congratulations with the first entry in our beloved Beata’s blog (both Beata and her blog are beloved in Lithuania)! It is a great entry indeed and we look forward to seeing you all in Lithuania! My English husband is hoping that you two will open an English pub in Vilnius:) You can certainly be a most excellent Full English Breakfast chef!! Cheers to you and your lovely family!

    • Beata Nicholson parašė:

      Indre:))) ha ha ha ha būtinai parodysiu Tomui, apsidžiaugs, kad jis bus ne vienas anglas VLN…ha ha ha

      • Indrė parašė:

        Mano vyras irgi labai džiaugėsi, kai sužinojo, kad jis bus ne vienas :)) Tikriausiai malonu žinoti, jog yra dar šiek tiek žmonių savo noru iškeičiančių Angliją į Lietuvą. Tačiau jei šį rytą būtumėte paklausę manojo, kuris keliavo į darbą spaudžiant -12 šaltukui, kur jis norėtų būti, greičiausiai būtų striukę atidavęs, kad tik kas nukeltų jį į Londoną!!! Nepasakokit Tomui apie orus čia per daug 😉

  2. Nida parašė:

    So true about the taste of organic eggs. It is on a different scale comparing to the „regular“ ones.

  3. Ramune parašė:


  4. Egle parašė:

    Jau matau, kaip man patiks šita vyriška rubrika! Jau patinka.

    Keep writing, Tom! 🙂

  5. Kita Eglė parašė:

    Nu žinokit paskaičiau ir nusprendžiau valgyti pusryčius,nors to nedarau n… metų.Bet Tomas mane kažkaip įkvėpė! Juk negaliu nepaklausyti tokio simpatiško vyro patarimo 😀 Ryt bandysiu stipriai papusryčiauti ir stebėsiu kaip tai įtakos mano energiją visą dieną!

    • Beata Nicholson parašė:

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha butinai perduosiu
      bravo pirmyn, va prašau jei nors vieną žmogų įkvėpė pusryčiam tai jau yra super puikiausiai geras rezultatas

  6. Ziu parašė:

    Breakfast is my favourite (fantasy) meal of the day but I’m rubbish in the morning so no hope of anything decent as I stay in bed for another minute, then one more, and eventually end up microwaving porridge in the office kitchen.

    But my English husband-to-be makes amazing scrambled eggs. That’s what weekend mornings are all about.

    You’re so going to need that hearty breakfast next winter 🙂

  7. Natali parašė:

    Thanks, Thomas 🙂
    Tai išties puikūs pusryčiai, vakar pabandžiau taip papusryčiauti 🙂
    Na o savaitgaliais, kai galime ilgiau pamiegoti ir keliamės vėliau, mes labai mėgstame gerus Full English Breakfast 🙂
    Beata, Tavo Thomas nuostabus ir visa jūsų šeimynėlė labai miela ir žavi , beje, o kaip Bon Bon- jis irgi keliaus į Lietuvą, į naujus namučius… 🙂
    Gero ir turiningo šeimyniško jums visiems savaitgalio!

  8. Brigita parašė:

    It was an amazing article. Bright, short, not boring at all and the writing style was super!!!

  9. li parašė:

    Tai tas Tomas toks grazus? Bet tikrai..

  10. […] Žinote, kad yra man pusryčių pavyzdys? Ogi mano nuosavas vyras. Jau sakysite, kad visai nebeturiu ką daryt, visai svečių nebeliko, kad reikia vyrą savo nuosavą priversti rašyti. Cha cha cha, aš pajuokavau, jis va ėmė ir parašė. […]

  11. Nix parašė:

    Thank you, Tom! Excellent post on the masculine approach to breakfast – my boyfriend eats almost the same: 3 fried eggs, some cheese with olive oil and a bit of wholegrain bread in winter. During summer some natural full-fat yoghurt with berries gets mixed in. And always a nuclear-strength coffee 🙂
    He tought me to eat full breakfast and indeed – few kilos gone without noticing, no more cravings for smth sweet in the evenings.
    Thanks a lot and good luck to you guys settling in Lithuania! 😉

  12. Agne parašė:

    The best eggs were from my Grandmother’s farm when i was little. We used to go to collect eggs in the morning and cook them straight away :)) mmm…and yes! the yolk used to be almost yellow and very thick…:)

    Hopefully after finishing uni i will be able to buy nice farm eggs from Sunday Food Market!

    Goodluck settling in Vilnius! Get ready for the SUN over summer months 😀 🙂 it is a rare thing back here in London 🙂

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